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With such a high demand for quick turnaround of products and instant retrieval information AEL understand the importance of offering our customer the complete package.

Not only do AEL have European based Electronic repair centres and a multilingual logistics division, they also offer a fast, easy-to-use ordering exchange Web Portal System, enabling customers from all over the world to book-in products and order their exchange units. This gives AEL the ability to set up bespoke exchange/order systems quickly and smartly without the necessity of trying to tie into existing systems.
  Customer Login Details  
  The customer logs into the Web Portal using secure login   credentials issued at time of registration.
  Customer Enters Vehicle Details  
   Vehicle details are entered.
  Customer Enters Product Details  
   Product details and diagnostic report are submitted to AEL
 Summary of Order  
 The customer is then presented with a summary of their order.
  Confirmation and Order Number  
  Information is saved to AEL's Web Portal System and the
  customer is presented with an order number for tracking.

- Multilingual

Easy step-by-step ordering

E-mailed / Online confirmation of status

Dealers have vision/control

Error proofing built-in validation

Links directly to AEL SQL database

Tiered login for management use

Corporate identity as required